Money Transfer to Any bank in india 24/7 instantly 

Money Transfer Is The Process Of Sending Money To Your Near & Dear Ones Through our software. its nothing but deposit money in to bank account by proving Bank account number.

Why people prefer Money Transfer

  • A large number of people, particularly the migrant laborers and factory workers do not have a saving account and even not able to open an account due to lack of valid address and ID proof. As a result they face difficulties to save their earnings in a safe place and look out for solution to send money to their families.
  • Opening Bank Account Required Local Address Proof, Paper Work & Time Consuming Hence Migrants Do Not Prefer
  • Can Access Bank During Day Time Only During Banking Hours
  • Non Convenient Location Of Bank Branches


Key Features:

  • Instant Retailer Activation.
  • Transfer Money To More Than 200 Banks In India
  • Non KYC Limit 75,000/-
  • KYC limit is 2,00,000 for each customer.
  • Account Holder Name Check Available Before Sending Amount
  • Transfer through IMPS & NEFT 
  • 99.9% IMPS Success Status
  • Low Transaction Charges
  • Safe & Secure Web & Mobile App Facility
  • Any Customer With A Mobile Phone Can Avail This Service
  • Easy Application & Registration Process For Retailers & Distributors
  •  Dedicated Helpline Service For Managing Domestic Remittance Queries, Concerns And Issues.
  • Complete Training And Tech Support On Our Products And Software.